Hear it from our clients!

They really did a good job and everybody was really nice, especially the project manager John and his coordinator Molly. I felt comfortable with everyone that came into my house.

— Beth C.

Everything was very professionally done. Allstate called another company that never showed up. When Arcus was called they were there within an hour and had the water up. It was a good experience out of a bad one.

— Harold B.

Everyone was professional. I really enjoyed working with Jeremy and Eddie. Eddie was awesome, professional, and they were just great people to have in your home. If I had to do it again, I would call Arcus.

— Betty W.

Great company to work with. Communication between Arcus has been great. Molly was a Rockstar. She was all over everything and took care of us.

— Betty D.

I have recommended Arcus and Ben just recently to a girl at work. For us it wasn’t the best circumstances to begin with but they were right here from day one doing what they were supposed to do.

— John and Linda T.

Rod Bartee was our project manager and he was very good at his communications. He reached out repeatedly and followed up throughout the process. He did a really nice job of coordinating all of the events all the way through our job, including communicating with State Farm.

— Marlene J.

They did a really good job. They kept me in the loop and pretty much showed up here when they said they would be. It’s all praise.

— McKenna G.

They are professional and very good at their follow up. I always got a call to let me know when they were going to be here, and they were always here within that time.

— Jennifer B.

They were very helpful and professional. I was just on the phone with Joe Spoon and he was following up with me. I appreciate the follow up and the professionalism and I would highly recommend the water mitigation service.

— Aaron J.

They were wonderful and on time. Matt and Jesse were extremely professional and extremely courteous.

— Barbara T.

They were just awesome. We are used to having to deal with crews cancelling or not showing up when they said they would, but with Arcus they would call and be there when they say they would. Zac was so punctual. He came earlier than he was scheduled and I was so happy about his timeliness. They were just great.

— Christy H.

Working with people that know what they are doing is wonderful. Steve and the other technician were exceptional. William who was in charge of the mitigation was just fantastic. He returned all my calls and I could call him any time, day or night, and he would respond.

— John C.

They did an excellent job. Rod has taken good care of everything.

— Kenneth M.

I would recommend Arcus to anybody. The project manager, Jarrod, was excellent. When he says he would do something, he did it. He paid attention to the small stuff so that the homeowner doesn’t have to.

— Stephen L.

If they can make my wife happy they are a good company. She doesn’t miss anything and she was very happy.

— Joel L.

I really liked Joe as a project manager and Bethany kept me informed very well and coordinated things for us.

— Thomas H.

I would recommend Arcus to anyone going through restoration. Joseph was extremely professional and communicative and was on top of everything. The level of service we received from Arcus was so great. I would give Joseph the highest marks. I only spoke with Alicia a few times but she was great.

— Terri M.

I already have recommended Arcus. I have never had anything like this happen. The crews that came were so careful and really took pride in their work. Without John Mathis we would still be waiting. He did an excellent job and I really appreciate all he did in getting to the source of the problem.

— Debbie R.

From Brian Hollifield coming out initially to the project managers, everyone did a great job. Molly did a great job with follow up. I am very pleased with Arcus.

— Jim R.

Hal was right up on it. He is very respectable and got things done.

— Josephine L

I would definitely recommend our project manager Jeremy. I appreciated that Molly would call and keep us updated and they got the job done. Edith W

They were very professional and they did everything they needed to take care of. Jonathan even took my garbage out the last day it was here. I have been singing their praises to my coworkers. Molly was great in the office.

— Vicki L.

I have already recommend Arcus to someone else with the same problem. The whole staff was absolutely amazing and did an amazing job.

— Amber W.

Molly kept me up to date with everything. We were out of town a lot of the time so it was helpful. Their professionalism and the way things were handled everything was great. The quality was up there and the subs turned out good work.

— John K.

I really enjoyed working with Justin. He was always very professional, friendly. I felt if I had a question he was willing to explain it to me to give me a better comfort level. He is what prompted me to participate in the survey. Justin took some of the stress away from me, and because I had him to work with it made it a lot easier.

— Beverly A.

They were really nice and came on time. Every time I tried to communicate with them they were perfect and always gave me good feedback.

— Hazheen H.

In this day and time when people do what they say and do great work, what’s not to like. They were just fantastic. We had great confidence that they would treat our house like their own and they did.

— Dennis S.

John Mischke was fantastic. He was so professional and thorough I didn’t worry about a thing. They were terrific.

— Lisa S.

I would recommend my project manager Jason. He was very professional and coordinated very well with emails/calls. Expectations were set and laid out before us and there was no misunderstanding what was going to happen and when.

— Karl G.

Ben was extremely helpful and courteous. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to help out in our situation.

— Lynette C.

Arcus was very accommodating and helpful during a very stressful time.

— Sean G.

These guys do phenomenal work. John helped me with a shower rehab project and got it done through difficult logistics and I was out of town. Kept me informed the whole project and it turned out great. A+

— J.A.

Great workmanship and easy to get along with. They are very trustworthy and walked me through every step of the way. If you have a water, fire, storm or ice damage call Arcus Restoration.

— Justin C.

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